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Organic raw cocoa butter is an excellent way for any dieter to produce tempting chemical-free, healthy desserts. Since raw cocoa butter is versatile, this allows dieters to control their cravings without giving up what they love.

How to Make Dessert

Chopping raw cocoa butter into small pieces and sprinkling it on desserts is one way to oil extraction machine incorporate raw chocolate into a diet. Another is oil mill to make trail mixes or rich and flavorful creations of cocoa. For true raw Chocolate aficionados, it is all about the taste.

Melting the cocoa paste in a double broiler produces good chocolates. But, the raw chocolate strong flavor may need balancing with a little coconut oil. Do you like sweet raw chocolate? Add just a touch of coconut sugar to any small batch of candy.

Are you creative?

Add a bit of bee pollen to any chocolate treat.

Raw cocoa butter and trail mix make a chocolate treat that can be enjoyed on the go!

Goji berries offer a bit of texture for chocolates

Using raw cocoa beans or cocoa butter paste to make desserts is simple. By using organic free-trade certified, cocoa beans and raw cocoa butter paste, the taste is exceptionally. And because it is a fine organic cocoa, it has a richer flavor.

Considered to be revered in some ancient cultures, this raw cocoa is safe to use for anyone is lactose-intolerant. Free of sugar, this raw cocoa is a mood-lifter and includes brain-boasting antioxidants.

Raw cocoa beans

Other producers may deliver quality merchandise but may not carry raw cocoa beans from Ecuador. Try raw cocoa from around the world and if a recipe calls for a specific type of raw cocoa bean, ask an Internet provider before you purchase. Quality raw cocoa beans can be found world-wide.

Prices for quality beans vary, dependent on whether the crop is certified as fair trade. Some producers of fine raw cocoa beans are not certified as fair trade and prices may be lower. While some cocoa beans may cost more, paying extra may be worthwhile.

Some cocoa products are higher quality, make better chocolate and therefore, cost more. But, don base a decision solely on price. Some companies thrive on profit and costs may have little to do with bean quality and may only be reflecting rising raw chocolate production costs.

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