The Rolex Submariner Vs the Rolex Sea

15. prosince 2012 v 17:05

Never heard of this. It does not seem logical to me. I think a store owner would rather sell the watch the moment there is a potential buyer walks in the door. It is not every day that someone has that kind of money to just spend on some watch.

The store owner would probably make alot more profit than 7% if sold to a buyer.

I can think of better ways for a jewelry store to make money than off Rolex watches. For instance. buy alot more gold and silver and platinum than Breitling watches you actually need and then when the prices rise, you can sell your jewlerly with these precious metals in factoring the increase of prices.

Rolex is only a brand name and it does not cost even (likely) 10 % of that amount for Rolex to make that watch. But gold and silver must be mined, and have actual intrinsic value as money and would certainly be a better investment to a jewelry store and would sell alot faster and easier than a Rolex watch.

I have collected watches for years. I have never heard of this. The dealer cost fake watches of a new Rolex might go up by 7% each year, but the watch does not go up in value sitting on a shelf. A Rolex with a 2009 serial number is still a 2009 Rolex even if you buy it three years later. If anything the watch goes down in value, just like a car. Only rare models go up.

I own a 1996 Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner. It sold for about $3500 new. Today it is worth about $4000 in trade, or about $2500 cash. A mechanical watch is like a car. It must be serviced, and parts wear out.

A dealer would not want to keep inventory on hand for three years anyway. Why would he want to tie up his money in inventory like that. He can not stay in business long if he keeps stuff for more than about 6 months. If I was a Rolex dealer, and I had a watch on hand for a year, I would sell it at cost so I have capitol to get in a model that will sell quickly.

Rolex watches didn TMt become expensive before 1980 TMs and not for that reason you TMd think

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